2 Weeks of Holiday

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An English Assignment

By Dhiaurrahman Rabbani Harianto - X-Kubinar

        My 2 weeks of School Holiday was, indifferent actually. Just the same like my past holiday before. The first week of holiday was spent at Grandparent house in Kediri, East Java. I do a lot of things when i was there. Like playing with my cousin, riding around in my hometown, that was fun actually. Because the surroundings environment was still fresh and the views was lit. Enjoying the sunset, and spending night chilling at rooftoop of my grandma's house with my cousin. So chill and refreshing. I also goes to Jatim park at Batu, Malang. It was a playing ground like Dufan in Jakarta. Also there's a Batu Secret Zoo, basically a place where a lot of animals gather, like Ragunan. Both located in Jatim park, and i'm having a good time there enjoying the games and seeing animals with my family. And the weather is kinda unexpected actually, not long after me and my family entering the Jatim park, it goes a heavy rains, but lucky enough it wasn't long, only like 20 minutes or so.
    I also goes to Kampung Inggris in Pare, but not for attending the course, only viewing my sibling, she has a course there with her school. The Place was quite nice actually. And the meals and cafe are good, with a cheap price and good taste. Nice place overall. Maybe someday i will attend a course in there too. And i spent the new year's night chilling at my grandparent's house with my cousins, and we also grilled some meats and a satays. The next day after the new years celebration, i'm finally going home.
      And that was for the first week, the 2nd week was spent in my home. The activity it just like meeting with my old friends, going to cafe and just chilling there. And playing some games at home. not much actually, but i was having a good time just chilling at home, because when it was a school day, i only have like 1 day to chill and that is a sunday. Good holiday overall.
    Maybe that's it for the story, thanks for reading and Have a great day!

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